Monday, October 13, 2008


The purpose of a recount is to list and discribepast experiences by retelling events in the order that happend. You are informing and or entertaining your audience.
Types of recounts
1. Personal recount - something personal
2. Factual Recount - alot of facts
3. Imaginative recount - something you made up
Features of a recount
Recounts have ..........
- Tittle
- Setting
- Events
- Conclusion
- Its written in past tense eg.
The Best Day !!!
The Best day in the holidays was when I went up to Auckland to see my dad. It all started when I got out of bed that morning and had toast with marmite it was very nice I mite add. After that I went and had a nice warm long shower got dressed then watched some TV. Tewnty minutes later we were at the shop getting some snacks for the bus drive (lollies and more lollies).
Then we got to the bus station my mum was cryingbecause my brother lives with dad and he was coming back with me she gets really emo its really funny!! But then I started crying I hadden't seen my dad in six years.
Then the time came bye mum love you see you next week. we got on the bus sat in our seats the next thing I know I am asleep when I wake up we had a flat tyre out side Tirau But we just carryed on to Hamilton to me it took ages.
Finely we were there my brother and I sat down and waited fro the next bus to take us to Auckland ....... 15 minutes later it was ther we did the same thing we did before we got on the bus it was really hard to find a seat but there was one left for us when everyone got on the bus there were know seats left. We had a pretty smooth ride from there on we had to stop at bomb bay manaku and then we were in Auckland our Dad was aready there waiting for us from there we went to west gate to go to dinner at this chinese place it wa really nice!!! After that I was really tired so I went to bed !!! ZZZZZZZZZ

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